Language Award Winners

TIMS continues to sponsor the Language Awards in the participating schools - Centenary State High School, Harristown High School and Toowoomba State High School.  Prizes are given to student from an English speaking background who has excelled in learning a foreign language and a student from an ethnic background who has excelled in learning English.

Below are comments from some of our previous recipients:

2011 Recipients:


Recipients for Centenary Heights State School are: Mandarin - Daniel Sorenson, English – Amy Lee (see pic left)

Recipient from Toowoomba State High School  is Trinh Nguyen (pic right). 



Recipients for Harristown State High School are: Indonesian -Nora Abdalla, German -Abigail Eberhard (pic right)  (in-lieu of no students qualifying for the English Award this year). 

Abigail said, "I have enjoyed studying German as it has helped me to appreciate and accept other cultures. It has also broadened my knowledge of German history and customs and in the future will encourage me in my International Business studies."

 Nora Abdallah says, "I have genuinely enjoyed studying Indonesian at Harristown. It has been an eye opening and culturally enlightening experience. I especially enjoyed learning about Indonesian cultural practices. Under the guidance of Ms Kath Symmons, my passion for foreigh languages has grown immensely."




2010 Recipients:


TIMS has continued to sponsor the Language Awards in the Toowoomba State High School. Centenary Heights State School and Harristown State High School.

Liem Nguyen-Winner of the English as a Second Language Award, Harristown SHS 2010 pictured right after receiving his award sent us this letter:


I’m from Vietnam. I came to Australia alone 2 years ago as an international student. I started speaking English since I came here. I go to Harristown State High School. I have enjoyed studying in grade 11 and 12 at Harristown. This year, I have won subject prizes for Maths B, Maths C and the English as a second language prize donated by the Toowoomba International and Multicultural Society. I love Australia, the country and people. I am looking forward to going to USQ next year to study Mechanical Engineering. 

Winners from Centenary Heights are: Lareina Re for Mandarin and Keira Gao Yi for English.






2009 Recipients:

Akur Arou (English)and Ben Hall (Asian Language) - from Toowoomba State High School:  TIMS member Helen Strange attended the awards ceremony . 

Katrina Skerman (Indonesian) and Tobby Scopas (English) - from Harristown High School: with Dellwyn Ross representing TIMS.

Tobby Scopas (pic right) said: "I can remember when I came to Australia in 2006 and I had very little English. I decided I had to learn English. I knew it wasn't going to be easy, but I worked hard and learned a lot. I can now use my English to help my brothers and sisters who are also learning to speak English.  I really enjoyed the many lessons I had with the ESL team. Th elessona were very enjoyable and I will always remember them."

Katie Skerman said,"I was very privileged to receive this award and am glad my efforts through the year have been appreciated.  I hope to continue learning this language, and one day I plan to put my knowledge to good use."

Jamie-Lee Flett (Mandarin) and Tita Wu Di (English) – from Centenary Heights School;   Lea Rapoport attended the function as members of TIMS.