About Us

TIMS is a community organisation serving people from all cultural backgrounds whether Australian-born or migrant.

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Our aims are:

  • To promote fellowship and amicable relationships amongst people of all cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

  • To strive towards making Toowoomba and region an increasingly inclusive multicultural society, that honours, and makes place for, the contributions towards these goals from all cultures of the people of the region.

  • To engage with the community through initiating and participating in social, cultural and educational activities.

  • To promote research, learning, and information exchange in support of these goals and of peace, friendship and understanding.

Activities and Events

  • Cultural Programmes celebrating the diverse backgrounds of its members (e.g. Chinese New Year, Diwali, Indian costumefest).
  • Sponsorship and organisation of the Toowoomba Languages & Cultures (TLC) Festival in partnership with the Toowoomba Regional Council and other leading groups in the region (held annually on the second Sunday in August).
  • Sponsorship of Annual Language Prizes for High School students.
  • Auspices community groups & cultural events (e.g. Bollywood dancing)
  • Provides website portal for community groups at discounted prices (e.g. TLC Festival, Bollywood dancing).
  • Organises Expos and seminars that benefit the community (e.g. Health & Wellness Expo).
  • Cultural evenings with talks and video presentations on different cultures (e.g. Vietnam, Mogul architecture, Travelling along the Silk Road).
  • International Gourmet Cooking Classes.
  • Raising funds for local, national and international community projects (e.g. Toowoomba Hospice, Red Cross, Friends Itarsi School, Grantham Flood Appeal, Qld Spinal Injuries, Singing Kites School in Cambodia, Toowoomba Hospital Children's Appeal).

Events are held for members, their families and friends and for the wider community. Proceeds go towards sponsoring local and international community projects.  Events are theme based and we actively encourage suggestions and participation by members. We welcome members ideas and work with them to create successful and enriching events for the community.  
TIMS Management Commitee Office Bearers are:

  • President - Mrs Gitie House OAM
  • Vice- president - Ms Maud Bagnall
  • Secretary - Ms Bhavna Gupta
  • Treasurer - Ms Dipika Aggarwal

Special Activities Coordinators are:

  • Chair TLC Festival Committee - Mrs Gitie House OAM
  • Multi-Faith Liaison Officer - Mr Ron House

To contact any of the above please send an email to info@tims.org.au with details of your request.

Membership Choices

 There  are three types of memberships to choose from:

  • Ordinary Members - for Individuals and families;
  • Organisational members (not-for-profit community groups and associations),
  • Corporate Memberships for businesses.

For more details re memberships send an email to admin@tims.org.au.



The Society was originally formed in 1995 as the Australian Asian Society of Toowoomba Inc. to promote friendship amongst people of different cultural backgrounds and Australians, by creating and supporting cultural and educational activities in Toowoomba. Toowoomba’s growing population now comes from over 118 different cultural backgrounds. In 2008 the Society decided to change its name to continue to reflect the needs of the community. 

Contributions to the Community:

The Society is the one of the major organising partners and sponsor of the Toowoomba Languages & Cultures Festival held annually on the second Sunday in August. The Festival is an annual celebration of the diversity in our community and a showcase of talents and colour from across the world!

The Society has organised several cultural festivals (e.g. Chinese New Year, Diwali, Harmony Day ) showcasing multicultural performances from different communities of Toowoomba.

The Society sponsors the annual Language Scholarships in all the State High Schools. Members of the Society have actively supported and participated in all the Toowoomba Language and Cultural Festivals since their inception in 2006.Since 2007 the society has been one of the major sponsors of the event.

In 2009 the Society is also raising funds for the development of sanitation facilities at the Itarsi Friends Primary School, in India. 

In recent years the Society has also organised fund raisers and made donations to the Singing Kites School in Cambodia, Spinal Injuries Queensland, Grantham Flood Relief, Toowoomba Hospital Children's Appeal, Toowoomba West Special School, TRAMS (Toowoomba Refugee and Migrant Service), State Emergency Services (SES) and other charities.

The Chinese New Year Celebration event is the major fundraiser for the Toowoomba Hospital Children's Appeal since 2011.

The Society has previously held Cultural Events on Eat Street with performers from different cultural backgrounds and participated in the Carnival of Flowers where Lantern Making Competitions and cooking demonstrations were held.

The Society also raised funds for the Australian Red Cross Complex. Our $15,000 target earned us a plaque at the main entrance to the Blood Bank Complex as one of the major donors.

The Society also donated $940 to The Thredbo Disaster, $400 to the Cambodian Dental Hospital as well as other needy organizations. 

High School Laguage Awards

For many years the Society has sponsored 2 language awards in participating High Schools: Toowoomba State High School, Centenary Heights State High School and Harristown State High School.  The awards are given to the best student from a non-English speaking background for excelling in English and the best student from an English speaking background for excelling in another language. Click here for details of recipients of the language awards in recent years. 


For enquiries contact  send an e-mail to info@tims.org.au