Qld Multicultural Recognition Act Forum

Toowoomba celebrated the Queensland Multicultural Recognition Act passed on 16 February 2016. Over 60 participants who engaged keenly in the discussion attended the forum which was organised by TIMS and USQ on 8 June.

Qld Multicultural Act  and  Qld Multicultural Charter

"I'm very proud of the role this University has played in multiculturalism…which is one of the great strengths of this nation," Professor Thomas said in her opening welcome.

Toowoomba Regional Council mayor Paul Antonio (pic below right) said in his speech "Our Toowoomba region is a rich tapestry of many different cultures. This legislation is important for the region and for the future of the state," (To download the Mayor's Speech Notes click here).

Wayne Briscoe, Executive Director of Stakeholder Engagement and Communication at the Department of Communities said "The Act, for the first time, gives formal recognition to cultural diversity".

Mr William Conwell, Multicultural Coordinator, USQ (pic last row right) greeted the guests and was the emcee.

TIMS President Gitie House said "the passing of the Act held great significance for Queenslanders, especially those who were settling in to a new country".

Pic left: Mrs Gitie House, TIMS President. Mr Moses Ali, South Sudanese Community leader, Prof Jan Thomas, Vice-Chancellor and President USQ and Mrs Wayne Briscoe Executive Director Dept of Communities.