Multi-Faith Functions

TIMS has participated in a number of miltui-faith and interfaith function. The events have been attended by Gitie House, President and Ron House, Multi-faith Liaison Officer, members Trudy Moses, Taisoo Kim Watson, Lea Rapoport, Daphne Fung, Darren Lawson and Preeti Parikh.  Ron House is the TIMS Multi-faith liaison officer. For enquiries please email:


TIMS  Multi-Faith Function

 At a multifaith dialogue workshop held on 24 February 2012 organised by the Pure Land Learning College.


Australia Day Multi-Faith Programme at Pure Land College

TIMS Multi-faith Liaison Officer Ron House reading from The Bhagvad Gita at the Pure Land Australia Day Multi-Faith Function


Friendship dinner at Pure Land Learning Centre attended by TIMS members Trudy Moses, Lea Rapoport, Ron House, Gitie House & Taisoo Kim Watson


Mosque opening Mosque opening

Toowoomba's first Mosque Opening 30th March 2014